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Generator sale - after Sale Service

SES able to supply Generators from 13.5 KVA to 2500 KVA for bigger Unit we are able to synchronize, Engine Original Perkins UK under Perkins warranty Power Unit Lorey Sameer with full automatic system Control Panel SES are Able to Deliver, install, commissioning, hand over any size of Generator Power Plane Project with Load Bank test according manufacturing company recommendation in any Part of Country. After sale we do full services according contract between SES & client replace of Engine Oil, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Water filters, Fuel water separator filters, Full inspection of Gene set, with International & national Mechanical Engineer & Technician with 24 hours emergency full technical support services.

Rental Power

Safi engineering Services provides leading edge power solutions through its extensive fleet of power generators. Our key service offerings include:
- Comprehensive fleet of diesel driven generators
- Sizes from 10kVA to 1250 KVA (larger units can be synchronized)
- Ingersoll Rand, Cummins, Perkins, Volvo
- Ancillary equipment (fuel tanks, cables etc.) and Fuel Management Solution

KVA Availabilty
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Customer Service

Looking for a cost effective, reliable, way to get your power needs?

  • Look no further than Diesel Generators. Consistently, Diesel Generators have proven to be extremely cost effective and efficient also Safi Engineering Services will provide any kind of Generators from 10KVA to 2500KVA on Perkins UK engine & LOREY SAMER Power Unit we are sealing by very best prices with delivery and installation with after sale Services.

Genuine Perkins® Parts
Safi Engineering Services is always proud to supply a complete range of high quality Perkins genuine parts which include, turbochargers, Liners, Pistons, Complete Overhauling Kit, as well as consumable parts like filters and fan belts, automatic voltage regulators in addition all parts needed for complete generator overhauling are available.

SES providing the best affordable products and services in timely manner at the most competitive prices.

Auto Switches
ATS , ATI & Synchronizing systems, complete Electrical Equipment, changing manual to Auto systems, Commissioning and installing any size of Factory & building with PLC programming systems , Sale and installing by Qualified Electrical Engineer & Technician Complete Construction General Wiring by International standard safety code.

Fuel Service
We are supplying best quality of Diesel with any Size of Tanker and installed water separators with free installation.

Installation and suppy 200 liters Fuel Tank to 100.000 Liters with anti Rust and protection with isloted with any damages or leakge in future.

24/7 Services
Safi Engineering Services supply complete service support from delivery and commissioning of generators through to routine servicing and maintenance.

Our team of highly trained electrical and mechanical engineers provide unparalleled service support throughout your rental SES also provides comprehensive service and maintenance throughout the rental through our dedicated in-house maintenance team.  Routine maintenance includes changing filters and oil as well as a number of preventative maintenance procedures to ensure our units run to their optimum best.

Programming Systems
We are doing Programming any type Of Generators Control board ECM like F.G Wilson From 2300 Series to 2800 Series Perkins Engine and power Wizard Control board Deep Sea Control board.

Emergency Power
Safi Engineering Services has a 24 hour response team.

Equipment can be supplied at very short notice to assist with unscheduled power outages. Our teams are always there to help.

Safi Engineering Services able to supply and deliver any size of Generators, Filters, Oil, Parts, Electrical equipment by own Transport with 24/ Hr services.