Safi Engineering Ltd full Services Center Workshop Workshop STD Perkins / Cummins / Volvo

We have biggest workshop in center of Kabul in Jalalabad road PD 9 with excellent fully qualified Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers & Technicians, We have more than 100 employees in 7 different departments. We are doing complete power service (Maintenance, Repairing, Overhauling, Assembling, Programming, Synchronizing , changing of Manual system to Automatic system, and Commissioning.

SES have designed an international standard and unique workshop for Servicing, Repairs & Training of their personal in the maintenance of diesel Perkins, Cummins and Volvo generators. Personnel are able to provide maintenance and repair tasks in a safe & supervised workshop environment. Also by providing the same equipment that technicians will work with in the field, we are able to create an environment in the field where professional tools and test equipment are used to perform standard generator maintenance and repair tasks.


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Workshop STD Perkins / Cummins / Volvo

Our workshops are equipped with state of the art fabric on & welding machinery and materials handling equipment's workshop faculties include heavy fabricant bays vessel fabricant shops machine shops areas dedicated for non-destructive testing. (Q A / Q C) workshop also includes a specialized maintenance shop to cater to pump maintenance machining and valve repair and testing.

Rooting Machinery Repairs Workshop

This workshop is exclusive for the maintenance and repairs of rotating machineries like centrifugal compressors, turbine pump, gear box, etc. the workshop is equipped with the dynamic shaft balancing machine for the rotor balancing after repairs. Our craftsaman are specilized in maintenance and repairs of the rotating machinery. Field support services are also available for day to day support and for the project management of major maintenance events such as rotor replacement, blade replacement.

Electrical Panels Workshop

Electrical workshop facility provides a broad range of services to industrial clients. We have the engineering capabilities to design the panel for your requirement We can also make the panels based on your design. Our experienced panel builders utilize skills and techniques picked up and passed down through years of experience this is backed up with formal qualifications. This result in high quality consistent panels built in an effcient way very me we can advice assist, control or undertake the panel installation for you Depending on the installation requirements we can provide field services for installation, commissioning & start-up

How We Work

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Genuine Perkins® Parts Safi Engineering Services is always proud to supply a complete range of high quality Perkins genuine parts which include, turbochargers, Liners, Pistons, Complete Overhauling Kit, as well as consumable parts like filters and fan belts, automatic voltage regulators in addition all parts needed for complete generator overhauling are available. SES providing the best affordable products and services in timely manner at the most competitive prices.

Auto Switches ATS , ATI & Synchronizing systems, complete Electrical Equipment, changing manual to Auto systems, Commissioning and installing any size of Factory & building with PLC programming systems , Sale and installing by Qualified Electrical Engineer & Technician Complete Construction General Wiring by International standard safety code.

Fuel Service We are supplying best quality of Diesel with any Size of Tanker and installed water separators with free installation. Installation and suppy 200 liters Fuel Tank to 100.000 Liters with anti Rust and protection with isloted with any damages or leakge in future.

24/7 Services Safi Engineering Services supply complete service support from delivery and commissioning of generators through to routine servicing and maintenance. Our team of highly trained electrical and mechanical engineers provide unparalleled service support throughout your rental SES also provides comprehensive service and maintenance throughout the rental through our dedicated in-house maintenance team. Routine maintenance includes changing filters and oil as well as a number of preventative maintenance procedures to ensure our units run to their optimum best.

Programming Systems We are doing Programming any type Of Generators Control board ECM like F.G Wilson From 2300 Series to 2800 Series Perkins Engine and power Wizard Control board Deep Sea Control board.

Emergency Power Safi Engineering Services has a 24 hour response team. Equipment can be supplied at very short notice to assist with unscheduled power outages. Our teams are always there to help.

Transportation Safi Engineering Services able to supply and deliver any size of Generators, Filters, Oil, Parts, Electrical equipment by own Transport with 24/ Hr services.

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